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WHT COIN-World Hidout COIN-


Do you remember when you were still a child and wanted to create your own secret hideout?

A hidden place where even your parents don’t know and only your close friends meet up.

That adventurous spirit doesn’t go away even if you grow up.

For example, don’t we still get excited when we find a stylish bar hidden in an alleyway by chance?

It feels as if time stopped only in that place.

A place where you can forget everyday life and remember who you really are…

It’s never too late to find that special place.


We have an important notice to WHT Token purchasers.
Upon the distribution of WHT Token,
we have sent an email to all purchasers.
However, we have not been able to make contact with many purchasers.
To WHT Token purchasers who have not received the email,
we kindly ask you to send an email to the below address.
WHT Tokens will be burned if there is no contact by Jan 31st, 2019.
In the case the WHT Tokens are burned,
refund requests will not be accepted in any circumstan

Your own secret hideout all over the world.

By owning World Hideout COIN, you have your own getaway place around the globe.

In Paris, dinner at a Romanesque castle surrounded by forests

During summer, cruising in the Aegean and Greek islands

In the winter, relaxing at a Japanese hot-spring in Atami

Others include, luxurious condominiums in NY, penthouses with private pools in Kuala Lumpur

Skyscraper tower condos in Bangkok and Tokyo,

Creating your own secret hideout in various cities

This is World Hideout Project.

Overview of World Hideout Coin

Owners of World Hideout COIN will receive resort club membership and will be able to use tokens as a means of payment.

World Hideout Coin holders will be able to make reservations and have access to usage of resort hideout facilities which we own globally.

Membership Cards will be issued to WHT Coin holders on record date 15th of January and July every year. Membership will be renewed by holding over a certain amount of number of coins.

There are no annual or renewal fees and other costs.
(There is need to register to a designated app to make bookings of the resorts. Monthly app fee is 3 USD)

Just owning WHT Coins will allow you to have access to exclusive secret hideout around the globe.

What's is World Hidout Project?Three reasons why to own WHT Coin

  • Access to secret hideout around the globe

    Secret hideout which WHT owns are exclusively for WHT Coin holders. Unlike crowded resorts full of tourists, WHT hideouts will let you forget your hustles and bustles of everyday life.

    Just match your holidays with vacancies of WHT hideouts and make a booking. Jump on a plane and your secret hideout will be waiting your arrival.

  • Free accommodation

    WHT Coin holders will be privileged to usage of secret hideouts. Holders of over 2 million WHT Coins will be waived of accommodation fees.

    There are no extra fees you need to pay to travel agencies. Operational costs are kept minimum as all secret hideouts are owned by WHT project.

  • Liquidity of membership

    Since WHT Coin is a privilege type membership giving rights to use resort facilities and not an ownership model, there is no need for real estate registration or tax filing. All you need to do is to trade WHT Coin and you will be eligible to receive membership services.


The WHT App is currently under development and is scheduled to be launched in Oct 2018.

WHT Coin is scheduled to be listed within this year, likely to be December 2018.

Secret Hideouts Opening Schedule

Crowd Sale structure

Pre Sale duration Token name Total supply Cloud Sale duration Token Sale Amount Accepted Form of Contribution
2018 23th June-30th July WHT token 10,500,000,000 WHT 2018 1st Nov-30th Nov 3,150,000,000 WHT Bitcoin, Ethereum
Price per token
Pre Sale Price1WHT=$1cent Cloud Sale Price1WHT=$1.5cent Setting a cap on the Token
soft cap $ 20,000,000 - hard cap $ 30,000,000
→Depending on the time, it is adjustable, so please contact us if you are interested in more than this amount.


Yutaka Yamazaki

World Hideout Global Partners, In c. / CEO and Founder

<Personal Profile>
Yutaka Yamazaki is a founder of World Hideout Global Partners, Inc. and investor. He established a realestate company when he was 26 years old. The annual sales o f the company hit 10 billion yen in the fourth year. Later, he sold the company and traveled around the world. Currently, while owning and operating investment properties around the world as a real estate investor, he also engages in the transaction of resort rights. He excels at branding and marketing and has provided consultation ser vices to about 500 startups and small and mediumsized companies. He also has experience in sales and business development.


World Hideout Global Partners, Inc. / COO and Co-Founder

<Personal Profile>
He has more than 10 years of experience in the development of software at Microsoft, where he worked as a software development and project manager, product manager, and scrum master. He also engaged in launching new business in the United States, Europe, and Asia and obtained an MBA in the United States. He has provided consultation services to ventures and leading companies by leveraging his experience in consultation in different industries.


World Hideout Global Partners, Inc. / CMO

<Personal Profile>
With more than 20 years of experience as a real estate agent, he manages real estate investment properties mainly in Asia, such as Malaysia and Singapore. Since he sells a property worth more than 100 million yen one after another, developers trust him very much. It is said that Bigas is the first person that developers contact.He is also familiar with marketing : For example, a project he has launched hit $200,000 in sales in one week.


World Hideout Global Partners, Inc. / CTO in Enginnering

<Personal Profile>
He is a well experienced software engineer with academic degrees in applied mathematics and computer science. He is also a blockchain expert and research programmer. He currently works on the integration of information systems. He is searching for effective and practical principles for building human relationships based on new technology.